My account has been approved. Why can’t I see any listings on the platform?

Reflow Hub's team will send you invitations to participate in their listings. You will be notified via email when these auctions become available to you.

I’ve been approved for a listing. When can I place bids?

Once you receive an email notification that a new listing is open, you can place your bids immediately. However, once the end date and time of the auction is reached, you will no longer be able to add or modify your bids.

I'm frequently travelling for work. Will the listing end time adjust to my timezone?

Yes, the listing end time will be adjusted according to the timezone of your browser. To confim the timezone, simply hover over the end time on the Listing Summary page.

Are the listing notes and terms and conditions specific to the listing?

Yes, the listing notes and terms and conditions will be specific to each listing. It is important to review these thoroughly before placing any bids.

I’m a new buyer and am unsure what the grade conditions are. Where can I see this information?

You can find the Grading Standards for each auction in the Listing details section. It is important to review the document thoroughly before placing any bids.

What are the ways I can place a bid?

Depending on the sales format, there are 4 ways you can place a bid:

Manual input: Type in your bid and submit

Quick bid button: Increase your bid by the quick bid value

Asking bid button: Submit a bid equal to the asking bid value

Bulk bid: Use the bulk bid template to upload multiple bids at once

What does award and bid level mean?

The Award Level specifies how the listing will be awarded in case you win the bid.

The Bid Level determines the appropriate way to place your bids for each listing.

How can I check what products are available in the listing?

To see the products that are available for each listing, you can check the click on the 'Product Manifest' button in the Listing Details section.

Can I place a bid when the listing end time is reached?

Unfortunately, bidding is no longer allowed once the listing has ended. The team at Reflow Hub will be reviewing bids during this time.

I’ve placed a bid on the listing. How do I know if I have been awarded?

After the team has reviewed and awarded the stock, you will be notified of the outcome via email. You can also check your award status by looking under the 'Award' column on the Overview table. If you have successfully been awarded the lot/SKU, your award status will be shown as 'Won'. If your bids were unsuccessful, the award status will be shown as 'Lost'.

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