Auction Specific

How do I know if time extensions have been enabled for an auction?

When viewing a listing, you can find a section that provides details about the listing and its sales format. This section will also indicate whether time extensions are enabled.

Do I have to bid on all Lots or SKUs in an auction?

Bidding on all lots or SKUs within an auction is not mandatory.

I’ve placed a bid. Will I know if I am the highest bidder?

Reflow Hub utilises a Bid Status Indicator (BSI), displayed to you as a colour-coded highlight, to indicate the competitiveness of your bids. However, please keep in mind that all bids are subject to approval.

Green: Currently the highest bid, giving you the best chance to win the listing

Yellow: Your bid is competitive, but it's not the highest bid

Red: Your bid is not competitive, indicating that you may need to adjust your bid

I am currently the highest bidder and I’m logging off from the platform. Will I be notified if I’ve been outbid?

Reflow Hub does not send email notifications when you have been outbid. However, you will receive a notification when the listing is about to end. We highly recommend that you log in to the platform before the auction ends to check the status of your bids and make any necessary adjustments.

How do I know if unit prices have been requested?

In case the Reflow Hub team has requested unit prices, the Overview table will display a "Submit" button in the Unit Price column. It is mandatory to provide the unit prices for all the items in the lot.

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